Newsome Opticians

Returning to the educational institute was a true pleasure, familiar faces of staff, three years of students, the elder two years very recognisable and memorable from previous visits and a new cohort of first years with record numbers – our training programme grows year in year.
We have new purpose built class rooms and optical labs with air conditioning and new equipment, the institutes are investing heavily into our abdo qualifications and training, and the student success rate reflects this, they are doing very well indeed.
Nationwide we are are getting more enquiries from institutions in other areas who have heard what we are doing and our education portfolio is expanding.
On a personal note I realise my work is getting easier, the staff at Sankara Nethrelaya are learning our syllabus and teaching it very well, so much so that some lectures are cancelled after just 15 minutes because the students are so good! None more so that the physiology training in abnormal ocular conditions, things like detection of glaucoma, differential diagnosis of conjunctivitis and iritis, the students were so quick we abandoned that lecture in favour of revising frame material identification and manufacturing techniques, differentiating between rolled gold and gold plating and the merits and disadvantages of each!
Teaching these subjects reminds me how much more complicated our job is, just like any job, the underlying knowledge and experience is often undervalued by qualified and experienced staff and in seen by customers who don’t know that our dispensing opticians take
So much into consideration when recommending products to our customers! We notice sensitive skin and surface blemishes which may indicate a sensitivity to certain plastics or metals and direct and suggest better and more appropriate frame choices without hesitation and often without our clients realisation. Newsome opticians employs 6 fully qualified dispensing opticians between 3 practices, people with experience, skills and education to recommend the best products to our customers for their specific needs, two of those dispensing opticians are examiners for the association of British dispensing opticians who train and examine all over the world. We are all very lucky to do a job we love for clients we like, in a market ever under pressure from a globalising industry. There is far more to being a good optician than making someone look good in a pair of spectacles!