Newsome Opticians
Well it is day 4 of 7 days of intense work! Today I have been teaching first year dispensing students the skills needed to order hand made frames! They are very keen students in India, their English is superb and they are very keen to learn, picking up the basics very quickly, although teaching practical  skills to 21 students as a group is very demanding it is also very satisfying!
Lunch as ever is a locally made spicey and rich curry, which is so hot it is difficult to eat enough food to satisfy my hunger.
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I am struggling more than usual with the heat this time but Chennai is experiencing a heat wave at the moment, so temperatures outside are reaching towards 40 degrees! The air con doesn’t cope very well at this level so the classrooms are quite hot- but nothing compared to the temperature outside!
The students all travel in every day, some enduring a three hour bus ride each way to come and study at the sankara nethelraya academy,  which is a further reflection of how highly they consider gaining this qualification!
Fore Street, Chennai
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