Newsome Opticians

These students are from the Indian province of Tamil Nadu in the South East of India. They travel to Chennai, formerly Madras, to study at the educational facility of Sankara Nethrelaya, which is an educational, medical, research and service provision centre, with a charitable arm, that helps both the poor and the lower caste. They can access simple things like a pair of spectacles, medical investigation and at the top end there is a facility involved in medical stem cell research.

I am part of the education where Optometry students and qualified optometrists, study for the FBDO programme, which is the English gold standard of spectacle Dispensing.

The days are quite arduous, starting at 9am and finishing after 4pm. The students are very engaged and don’t want to stop for lunch or coffee breaks, preferring to work through and gain as much experience as they can! Which is great, but it does mean a lot of hard and very often spontaneous work. Questions and subjects of interest are not always restricted to what we are here to teach! It means being flexible and knowledgeable in all areas of the optical syllabus is essential, and demanding!


Daryl at the barbers……..? Must be the heat!