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Are you worried about your eyes? Or those of a family member? Perhaps you’ve never had your eyes tested, or are simply looking for advice on how to get the best eyecare. If so, read on. EyecareFAQ aims to bring you up to date information to help you look after your eyes.

The information on these pages will help you learn more about looking after your eyes. Regular eye tests are important to pick up eye problems in the early stages, before they cause permanent damage. The information here doesn’t replace advice from a professional so seek help if you have health concerns.

Use the links below to view EyecareFAQs on the following topics:

Children's Eyecare
Colour Vision
Eyelid Problems
Healthy Eyes
Laser Surgery
Macula Degeneration
Minor Eye Conditions
Red Eye
Sports Eyeware
Sports Eyeware for Kids
Swimming for Children
Summer Sports