Newsome Opticians

There is no 'official' age at which you can start wearing contact lenses and neither is there any upper age limit; modern contact lenses are both comfortable and affordable for virtually any prescription and we are always happy to give you advice as to your suitability for a trial. The majority of Contact Lenses fitted today are soft lenses. These are available as single use daily disposable lenses, 2 weekly daily wear, monthly daily wear or, in some instances, weekly or monthly sleep-in. Today we can correct even very complex prescriptions with soft lenses but, if appropriate, we still have the option of using Rigid Gas Permeable lenses if the need arises. There are very few people who cannot wear Contact Lenses and there are almost certainly times when most of us find that glasses are a little inconvenient. So, if you would like Contact Lenses for full time wear, part time wear, social wear, holiday wear, sports, or just for walking the dog in the rain please give us a call or come in for a chat.