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Joules has arrived

We are proud to introduce the Joules brand to Newsome Optician sunglasses range for 2016. A unique version of classic frame styles combined with the countryside prints that we have come to recognise and love from Joules. Prices starting from only £69 with a single lens prescription

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Ted Baker – new range in stock

We are delighted to have the new Ted Baker range in stock and have added some images to our gallery for you to have a peek at. Better still why not pop into our store and have a look over the whole range, we would be delighted to see you. With a wide selection of…

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Daryl in Kuala Lumpur

From Daryl in Kuala Lumpur today. For the past week I have been fortunate enough to have been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia teaching a range of course work to many levels of students. Imagine teaching an entire syllabus in a week! It cannot be done really, but we tried hard! Starting at 9.00am every day…

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Should I get my child’s eyes tested?

Have you had your child’s eyes tested? If you’ve been told that your child is too young to have an eye test, you should only get their eyes tested if they have a problem, or they have to be able to read to have an eye test, read on so your child doesn’t miss out…

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Common Terminology of the Eye

The following is a selection of the more common terminology used by opticians describing parts of the eye and also the more everyday conditions that may affect sight or the working of the eye. Astigmatism- a common condition where the cornea or lens of the eye isn’t a perfect curve, causing blurred or distorted vision….

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Parts of the Eye

Eye Health

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